My Revolution

I've written in my own personal journal before and have been considering posting a blog, but I never really felt fully comfortable about it.  I was always pondering what I would write about because writing about my own life seemed depressing of some sorts.  I contemplated on writing at times thinking it could help people in a similar situation as me know that they're not alone.  Other times I considered posting a blog to share my adventures moving from one state to another and hopefully, eventually travelling the world.  Then there were times I thought I could write to give advice and help people achieve their own goals in life.  Of course I never got to it because of my busy schedule of working and studying.  I was also insecure of what would become of my posts and who would be reading them.  
This year I haven't started a new journal yet.  I've decided to start posting my own blog finally so here goes!
I started the year the same as last year.  Still working at the sam…