My Revolution

I've written in my own personal journal before and have been considering posting a blog, but I never really felt fully comfortable about it.  I was always pondering what I would write about because writing about my own life seemed depressing of some sorts.  I contemplated on writing at times thinking it could help people in a similar situation as me know that they're not alone.  Other times I considered posting a blog to share my adventures moving from one state to another and hopefully, eventually travelling the world.  Then there were times I thought I could write to give advice and help people achieve their own goals in life.  Of course I never got to it because of my busy schedule of working and studying.  I was also insecure of what would become of my posts and who would be reading them.  

This year I haven't started a new journal yet.  I've decided to start posting my own blog finally so here goes!

I started the year the same as last year.  Still working at the same company, still studying for my CPA Exam, and still living at the same place with the same people.  To be honest, last year wasn't really much of an adventure as I'd hoped it would be.  It was more like a midpoint of my transition from Utah to California.  Although there were some pretty major events last year.  I mean I did pass most of my exams last year. 

For the past couple months there have been some major changes and it's been great so far.  I resigned from a toxic job that was just constantly weighing me down with all their bullshit.  It wasn't just me who was feeling the pressures of the company, but all my other colleagues were as well.  You may think it's the same with all jobs, but trust me when I say that this was the worst of the worst.  Everyday there was burden after burden that affected me even after I was off the clock.  What added to the anxiety more was that I had my exam to retake which was schedule for the end of the month.

It got to a point where my friend and boyfriend were telling me to quit this deadly place.  So I considered it. 

I considered it and that started building more tension for me on top of it all. 

The problem was I didn't know how to approach it.  I'm not one to want to quit and leave everyone else hanging.  I also didn't want to leave on bad terms.  Even though there's been major turnover for the past year and they've hired and fired more people than you could imagine, I didn't want to return this "favor".  I wanted to keep my integrity and remain who I am if I could.  I wanted to remain considerate and true to myself. 

So I continued stressing about what to do all day, every day until one of my loving colleagues enlightened me with another alternative.  It still left my colleagues hanging, but it was a much better alternative so I followed through with this plan. 

Since then things have been going uphill for me and I'm hoping it keeps getting better for the next couple months at least.  I've retaken my last exam and enjoyed this month off focusing on myself  and still am.  I've got a job offer starting next month that I really look forward to. 

For the rest of the month I decided to go to Utah to visit friends and family and ended up planning to extend that trip last minute.  So currently I'm in Utah for the week and next week I will be doing a road trip to Northern California to visit my friend and cousin before returning home and starting my new career!

So that is my story so far for the year.  I hope to travel more often and write more often about my exciting journey through my career and life.  If you would like to hear more about anything like my travel plans or what my alternative plan was, feel free to let me know.  I plan to post my next blog in a week if not every couple days.  Thanks for reading!